who we are

our vision

A cooperative, data-sharing platform that enables better health and care for people everywhere

our mission


Enabling positive change in health and wellbeing through data and cooperation

Funded by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCR CA), the LCR Civic Data Cooperative (LCR CDC) will mobilise civic data sets across the Region for the benefit of the Region.


We want to create a vibrant, internationally visible civic data environment, enabling residents’ data to work harder for them in shaping better care and fuelling globally important innovations from the LCR.

Based on a collaborative, transparent and inclusive approach to governance, the co-operative will support people and organisations to:

  • Understand and act on the insights from civic data,

  • Provide innovative solutions to real life problems,

  • Facilitate access to open sources of civic data,

  • Test models for ethical, inclusive use of health data.






our values