what's this about?

Our role as an organisation relates to civic data; making best use of it and making it easier to deal with for organisations big and small. Knowing what is out there, what it tells us and how to make use of it is vital, but it’s really hard for organisations to do that when the complexity of the public system is often a nightmare to navigate. 

Our vision is to make data work for residents in our region and use it to help improve their health and wellbeing. In LCR alone there are a multitude of public sector departments and within them multiple managers and budget holders. People who are facing operational and strategic challenges every day, who rarely get to share their ‘ask’ or even better a dialogue with the ideas people like yourselves. 

That’s why the Combined Authority have funded us to work with these Local Authority and NHS partners to really understand the barriers to successfully apply new ideas. 
The public sector leaders we’re working with know they don’t have all the answers themselves; they know they need brains from outside of these problems to look at them differently.

“We don’t know who discovered water, but we’re sure it wasn’t

a fish”.

The Civic Data Cooperative know data is just one tool in getting this right, but we need to talk to the right people and to ask the right questions, so we can delve into the right problems. We need to do this before we can even work out what data we need. 

We’ve got a bit of a mantra at the Civic Data Cooperative that this programme is kicking off:

(Right People + Right Questions) x Right Data = Product and Service design that works.png