what's this about?

Over recent months we've had conversations with a lot of businesses, voluntary sector organisations and Public Sector leads across LCR. Those we spoke to told us that finding the right support to develop new ideas can be really hard. This can be caused by a whole host of things: 


  • sectors speaking very different 'languages'

  • working environments and culture disparity

  • blockages in getting to the information needed for product development

  • finding the right external support to take ideas to the next level.

We’ve really thought about what people had to say and decided to use the Civic Data Cooperative's first 'design thinking for health and social care' programme to focus our attentions on two things.


Spending time opening doors between these sectors and really pulling apart some of those market gaps, together.


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Delving into some of the key challenges Public Sector colleagues currently have so that innovators have solid ground and insight for new product development.

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The Civic Data Cooperative is particularly interested in how data can come together to support innovation, but that task is in itself huge and we know that we need to find a joint starting point that works for everyone.


We want to spend some time around these two key areas of focus. By going back to basics, starting with understanding the problems the public sector is currently trying to solve we want to provide a safe space to develop new partnerships. 

This programme will offer innovators a chance to ask questions of our public sector colleagues, getting their creative juices flowing, they might even have something in the pipeline that has a use they hadn’t imagined before.

We want them to come away understanding a bit more about the biggest public sector challenges, what problems are attracting the cash and what floats the boat of the ultimate decision makers.


For our public sector partners, we want them to go away feeling understood, so next time a product or service designer comes to their door they can immediately sense their understanding of the challenge at hand. 

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Let's understand more about the public sector's biggest problems. The ones that can make the biggest impact, and thereby 'float the boat' of the key decision makers.