the programme 

This programme is made up of two stages - the event, and after the event. It's designed to focus specifically on understanding, before giving you the tools and space to think creatively about product and service opportunities.  For that reason our whole launch event was problem orientated. 

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the launch event 

Our launch event wasn't your usual format. Sure, it was about creativity in public service products and services but we've listened to what innovators (businesses and the voluntary sector) and the public sector have had to say. We shifted the format away from being a brainstorm, or traditional hackathon. So, instead of coming up with ideas straight away, we spent some time with you getting deeper under the skin of the problems we've raised. 

We asked leaders in the public sector about their stickiest issues, who gave us their time and expertise to work through them with us on the day. We took the time to ask the big questions of those in the know, about what opportunities that come from these problems and the barriers they you are facing (whether that’s adoption, integration, or growth). 

Thanks to your engagement on the day, we are ready for the next phase of ‘what’s your problem’.

our next steps -
afrfter the event 

If now you’re interested in taking your thinking a step further, we have an opportunity for you to mull over the problems we’ve pitched and come back to us with an outline of any ideas you’d like support to develop - whether that’s alone or with potential partners. 

Rest assured that any problems we pitched at the event means there is demand and, funding streams in the pipeline for solutions. So, we have significant business development and partnership building opportunities that have come from this. 

Whatever you need from us to take your ideas further, from data expertise to prove need and/or concept, prototyping and business support, to introductions or answers to more questions... we are ready to get you to the people you need and begin to grow your thinking, into solutions. 

So, now you know
the problems...