Child at the Doctor

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problem one:
reducing childhood asthma
through better environments and awareness

The UK has some of the worst statistics for children affected by asthma in the world (Asthma UK, 2021), and the North West is no exception.

With rising pollution rates in one of the leading industrial areas in the country, prevalence of asthma in children is at an all time high (Asthma UK, 2021). We’ve seen the news and we are starting to make changes, but is that enough?

The proportion of children who attend A&E for asthma exacerbations are too high and they come from areas of poor air quality and poor housing.

“I just want him to

be able to breathe”


We’re already starting to use data to identify congestion hotspots in the city and using this information to improve air quality. So, why not take this thinking further and, closer to home. If we already have the data, let’s start to think about how we can use it to better place future housing across the LCR for healthier generations to come. 

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Consultant in Public Health at Liverpool City Council, Mel Campbell talks us through the problem in more detail. 

Holly Brown and Kevin Bell from Alder Hey's Innovation Team share their current work and thinking.