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problem two:
increasing family support 
 to stop children entering care

Providing early help support and intervention is vital to stop children entering the care system when they are older. We can see there is a continual increase in children going into residential care. How can we identify families who are struggling earlier and support them better?


“I feel like her life story is written… it’s not even started”

It may seem like a relatively simple ask, but understanding high-risk areas and practically implementing the early-help support that is needed, can be challenging in it’s own right.

There are a multitude of factors that can increase risk to a child’s wellbeing including: lack of a strong support network for the family, poor social and emotional skills, little community services and no/minimal income and beneficiary support.

That’s a lot of areas to look at to be proactive and prevent, rather than acting when it’s too late.

By working closely with organisations that support through early-help, we want to find ways to identify areas for risk in a more timely way. If we do it right, this will create a better outcome for both the child and family.

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Ex Director of Children's Services in Wirral, Paul Boyce talks us through the problem in more detail. 

Download the increasing family support data pack.