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By better understanding the public sector's biggest challenges, we can better design new products and services that meet them, together. 

Every year programmes are run across the country focusing on ‘innovation’ in health, social care, and other public sector fields. Sometimes that word gets so overused that those being invited can struggle to clearly understand the ask of them. 

We want to start this introduction with clarity. The purpose of this programme is to more clearly and tightly define the problems that ‘innovators’ are being asked to solve.


We're not short on creativity in this region, but often the problems solutions are designed to address are misunderstood. For ideas to be adopted, businesses and the voluntary sector need to start by developing their knowledge and awareness of the environments, culture and sector intricacies, that make these problems so difficult to solve.

By bringing together businesses and the voluntary sector with the people who’ve studied, or have actually been working within these problems, we can explore deeper and develop more fit-for-purpose solutions together. 

This isn’t just about opening doors between the sectors; it’s about taking them off the hinges.

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